There's an old expression I grew up hearing. It is meant to invite quiet contemplation, perhaps breaking bread together or having a cup of tea or coffee. It is meant to invite someone into your intimate thoughts.Sometimes it is meant to just have quiet company. No matter how you use it or mean it, I invite you to sit-a-spell. 

Yes, please. Sit-a-spell. Read an essay. Listen to some tunes. 

I invite you to rest a moment from the noise and chaos of the world. Perhaps a few moments of quiet contemplation rather that the harried and frantic pace of every day modern life. 

This is, in part, what my song “Before Lights Fade” is about. The chorus repeats the line: 

  • “I want to go to a place no one has heard of, to a place I call my own. 
  • Where nothing in this rotten world can ever bother me; make it easy to come back home.”

Music and reading and walking have always given me that relief. So, that is what drives most of the choices on this website; I want to invite you to ease and loaf and sit-a-spell. 


Some of these writings are about education and issues around education because that is what I do for a livelihood. I have learned that we are most petty and irate about things we share with equal measures of passion and care.  

Other pieces in this section of the website are more contemplative and creative in nature. Nature being the operative word. I am fully aware that in the woods (or nature in general) we return to reason and faith. And we “return” because this hyper-civilized world of ours has taken us further and further from our better selves, our natural selves.

While still other pieces are more personal and directed at audiences both specific and universal. Lessons I have learned that I wish to impart to my daughter and anyone else who may stumble upon them.


You can listen to some music while you read. You can send a song to a friend who might benefit from the simple yet significant gift. Please do share. After all, it is only the giving that makes you what you are. 

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